Loose In The Air

26 Aprile 2006
One of the most exciting bands to have emerged from the Brooklyn scene is The Double, a noise foursome not very different from The Liars in overall attitude. Both bands share a sound rooted in experimental New York noise, have worked with producer Steve Revitte and count among their band members a visual artist (very useful when it comes to album covers). On their recent albums, both bands have tried to reach out to newer types of influences: The Liars had a go with quasi-tribal drumming voodoo-like singing; The Double have done a much better job by incorporating into their pop-rock dramatic soundscapes not commonly found in rock music. “Loose In The Air” begins with “Up All Night”, an unsettling piece rolling from instrumental crescendo to a nostalgic tune. It continues with “Idiocy”, a potential indie hit beautifully combining post-punk guitars with a sweet melody that seems to have come out of a music box. Further into the album, the songs acquire a darkness that can be associated with very old horror movies or the claustrophobic beat of Suicide. Squeaks and distortions are present almost everywhere on the album: on “What Sound Makes The Thunder” they become a sonic illustration of the lyrics, with the whole sounding much like a charmingly naïve amateurish theatrical production. Elsewhere the instruments are sparser: On “In The Fog” David Greenhill (the singer) is accompanied by nearly only a piano, which lends to his voice a resemblance to that of early 80’s John Cale.
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Similar Artist: The Liars, Arcade Fire, John Cale
1. Up All Night
2. Idiocy
3. Icy
4. On Our Way
5. Ripe Fruit
6. Hot Air
7. What Sound It Makes The Thunder
8. In The Fog
9. Dance
10. Busty Beasty

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