Solo pochi giorni fa abbiamo parlato degli Amandine su queste pagine. Oggi vi proponiamo l’intervista al gruppo. La band nei giorni in cui ha risposto alle domande era impegnata proprio in Italia a promuovere il nuovo ep dal titolo “Waiting For The Light To Find Us”, quindi quale occasione migliore per sapere, tra le altre cose, che ne pensano i biondissimi e pallidissimi svedesi del nostro paese? L’intervista è stata fatta via e-mail: un aiuto in più per chi volesse saperne di più riguardo questo nordico gruppo indie. E dato che, come dice qualcuno “il futuro è a nord” è obbligatorio leggere. Enjoy.

Hi guys, let’s start from telling us the things you liked the most touring Italy recently and what was the worst thing you saw or eat or did around here ?

More or less everything was terrific! The reception, the climate, the food, the lovely people… If there’s anything to complain about it would probably be trying to drive a big van in the old narrow streets 🙂

How did you relate in the past with you country? I mean: was it quite “Ok”…I’ll leave for good, a day: I’ll become a rock star! I’m pretty sure!” or it was just “Ok, let’s try and put our musical ideas all together and see”…y’ know”…maybe”…one day”…”? Which were your duties before start playing like a real band ?

Of course it is a dream to be able to live off music, but we are very realistic about it all, taking one record, one tour at a time and trying to enjoy every minute of it.

Which are the international bands you grew up with and why you were attracted to that music ?
Its of course different for every member of the band but we all listened to various metal/grunge bands in our youth before turning to more pop/folk-oriented stuff.

Which is the contemporary overall swedish musical scenario, up there ?
Sweden has a lot of good bands, but unfortunately there are few record buyers and not many places to play. That reflects in the fact that there are a lot of swedish bands that succeeds abroad but aren’t very well known in Sweden…

About the Swedish bands now”… Which are, according to you, the best Swedish ones around, right now ?
We really like a band called Isolation Years. Also, the last two Cardigans records have been played frequently in the tour bus recently.

Which is your favorite “disc of the year” ?
After some discussion we can agree on “Garden ruin” by Calexico.

Let’s talk about your music: “Waiting For The Lights To Find Us” is a great ep: intimate, sort of blue and romantic. It’s clear that you prefer a melodical musical approach that comes from british pop musical culture. Is that right or you think your music is more than this ?
We actually feel more influenced by american music, both newer indie acts (Iron & Wine, Magnolia Electric Co. etc.) as well as old folk music.

In your career, until now, did you meet someone more famous which is, in your opinion, a real nice person, too ?
We toured the US with Fruit Bats (Sub Pop) and they we’re really nice people. We we’re good friends at the end of the tour.

Tell us something curious about Swedish life that you want us to know: defy common places or anything anything you wish to say!
There is a real fascination for Sweden in Germany, some people are more or less obsessed with everything swedish. It kind of creates an image of Sweden that doesn’t exist in reality but seems hilarious to us swedes…

What will become of the musical industry, now that there is internet and labels are losing pieces along the way ?
The industry will have to adapt to the new technology in order to survive. Even if the big labels die there will always be an interest and a market for music.

And now the final and fatal question, but you got to be onest. Is there, in your opinion, a concrete future for rock music? I mean do you think rock can go on with its musical standards which are the same from decades and decades ago or do you thing everything’s been done and played in few words”….dead ?
We believe that rock music will survive, albeit in ever varying forms and expressions.

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Wake (from the EP “Waiting For The Light To Find Us”)
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