Continua la magica serie dei tributi targata The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records. Dopo Lush, Sarah Records e Starflyer 59 ora tocca dei pesi massimi come i Flaming Lips essere meritevoli di una compilation in cui varie formazioni rifanno brani più o meno celebri della band di Wayne Coyne. Ci fa piacere segnalare la presenza dei ravennati Spacepony, da sempre vicini a un certo tipo di psichedelia sognante che li avvicina di diritto all’estetica di Wayne e soci!

Renato Malizia, curatore, afferma: “The story of The Flaming Lips are somewhat confused, or rather merge with my own. Briefly, when we are young, we are crazy, dreamy, rebellious, we have no limits, and The Lips at the beginning were just like us, crazy young people, dreamy, loud and rebellious, but adulthood comes to us all and with it many responsibilities , the priorities change completely, we mature, we grow and we understand that, that time of dreams passed, with The Lips, it happens the same thing. But one thing is certain, the essence, it will always be stored and will appear from time to time, just let it happen … this is the magic of life, this is the magic of The Flaming Lips ´ music“.