Bonnie “Prince” Billy e Matt Sweeney hanno condiviso in queste ore un brano inedito composto durante le sessioni di “Superwolf” disco collaborativo del 2005.

Ascolta “You’ll Get Eaten, Too” i cui proventi andranno ai lavoratori della Drag City, storica etichetta di Bonnie “Prince” Billy , e del ristorante di New York Superiority Burger:

Dopo “Superwolf” il duo pubblicò l’EP “I Gave You” (2005), il 10″ “Must Be Blind” (2011) e il 7″ “Oh Well” b/w “Storms” (2012). E’ del 2010 invece la loro cover di “Love in the Hot Afternoon” (Gene Watson) per la serie Adult Swim Singles.

L’ultimo disco di Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “I Made A Place” (leggi la recensione), è uscito l’anno scorso.

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Superwolf bares fangs in a long-awaited NEW exclamation, launched over our wide-open horizons. It’s a song about meat and everything in our chain of life that lives and grows, like bacteria…or a virus. A song for today! Bonnie Billy and Matt Sweeney get high on soaring string bends and anthemic arpeggiation, voicing acceptance and celebration. Faced with rallying support on any number of fronts, Bonny and Sweeney are throwing the profit from this single behind NYC’s @superiorityburger – as good a vegetarian/and sometimes vegan option as there is ““ as well as the beleaguered staff of Drag City, currently facing an uncertain future slinging their own kind of patties. Featuring artwork with a timely new take on the original Superwolf artwork from original artist Spencer Sweeney, “You’ll Get Eaten Too” is available for consumption on @bandcamp exclusively for 3 days, for $3 or more ““ and please note the “‘or more’ here, as anything extra you give will benefit disenfranchised workers struggling to get back to making alternative products for the world to consider (and consume). Link to purchase in bio!

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