Ospite davvero speciale quello che è salito sul palco degli Alice In Chains nella loro data all’ Hollywood Palladium a L.A. Stiamo parlando di Robby Krieger dei Doors che si è unito alla storica band di Seattle per suonare, insieme a loro, il classico “Rooster”.

Il cantante William DuVall ancora non ci crede: “I still can’t believe it actually happened..and it was a tremendous honor to share the stage with him tonight“.

Yes, that’s Robby Krieger of THE DOORS jamming onstage w/ us at the Hollywood Palladium tonight. And, yes, he is playing one of my @framuswarwickofficial Talisman guitars (which he told me he loved). And, no, I still can’t believe it actually happened. Robby Krieger is one of my absolute heroes – a rocker with the heart of a jazzman. He introduced Coltrane/Ravi Shankar-style improvisation to rock guitar while also being a great pop songwriter for the Doors. Robby wrote some of their biggest hits, including “Light My Fire,” which was the first song he EVER wrote (talk about comin’ in hot), and “Love Me Two Times.” He’s a truly great all-around musician and it was a tremendous honor to share the stage with him tonight. 📷: @inautonomy #aliceinchains #tour2018 #robbykrieger #thedoors

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Robby Krieger was kind enough to join us to close the show on Rooster at the palladium tonight. One of my musical heroes , friend and occasional golf partner…. what an honor especially in LA

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Credit Foto: Caroline Bonarde Ucci [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons